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Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats: The Does

My Nigerian Dwarf Milk Goats have a foundation of incredible milking genetics. J-Nels, Rosasharn, LTE, Promise Land. Flat Rock and so many more! I invested in these genetics because through the years they produce good milking Nigerian Dwarf goats.

If you want a milking herd, invest in it. Trust me, it matters! I’ve tried the non-registered, mixed goat road and it was a road that produced mixed results. Mostly not resulting in milk! Read more about how to choose the right Nigerian Dwarf Milk goats here:

I’ve also invested my time in managing healthy goats. Goats that have adapted to my Holistic way of managing them. These goats don’t loads of need grain, chemicals and are good foragers. Goats that need lots of grain and a chemical dewormer drip get culled from my herd.


More info on the members of my herd and how you can reserve a kid soon


Good things come in small packages!


Givers of the best milk!

CP… short for Cutie Pie

Easiest to manage dairy goats!


Foundation milking lines but also bred for health!

holisic raised goats

A dairy goat does me no good if she’s not a good forager and can’t give me milk without a bunch of grain

Momma Mae

Healthy resistance to parasites is a must!