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Herbal Goat Dewormer

I started raising dairy goats in 2011 and right from the start I knew I’d be using an herbal goat dewormer to keep their parasite loads down. The chemical dewormers have milk withdrawals (ugh!) and also parasites build up resistance due to overuse. Which a lot of people are seeing now.

Homemade Goat Dewormer

I’m not here to just tell you what herbs you can use, but I have a recipe I got from a parasitologist in south GA back in 2011 that has been my go-to herbal support for years!

Yes this herbal goat dewormer even works in the southeast. I briefly switched to another homemade goat dewormer recipe I got from someone in MI. HUGE mistake! A lot of my goats got infestations and I had a lot of damage control to deal with.

Raising goats in Tennessee or the southeast in general is not like raising goats in less humid areas with harsh winters. Ours short mild winters here don’t kill anything!

herbal goat dewormer and homemade goat dewormer

There are two ways I offer my herbal goat dewormer recipe. If you buy goats from me and in my ebook: Herbal Goat Dewormer Recipe and Other Tips for the Organic Goat Herd (to be released this fall). There is even a video link that shows me making it and talking about dosing.

Herbal Goat Dewormer Tips

There is more to a healthy goat than just giving your goat a few herbs and expecting them to be healthy. You have to dose correctly and their diet must be non-inflammatory. Just as we have to have a healthy diet to feel our best and be able to fight off infections, so do they.

That’s why I include the “tips” part in my ebook. I promise its not hard to feed a goat an appropriate diet, but you may have to make some changes if you truly want a healthy herd that produces organic goat’s milk for you and your family.

Its worth the effort and changes… why?

Producing Organic Goat Milk

Did you know that our typical commercial animal feeds are full of glyphosate? That it taints the milk and leaves you with an unhealthy, inflammatory product? Especially if you have autoimmune disorders. Its not just the dewormers or antibiotics that make milk less than healthy its actually more about what they eat every day.

For years I couldn’t drink my own goat’s milk any better than I could drink store milk. It was a heartbreaking reality because dairy goats were always the main animals I wanted on my farm. How sad I was to go through all this work only to produce a product no better than the grocery store.

Once I found that missing link I was all in organic!

Not only was I able to enjoy my goats’ wonderful dairy products, my goats got healthier! I began implementing lots of ways to feed my goats not just organic food but more nutritious foods appropriate for them.

Not every one has autoimmune disorders or food sensitivities like I do. Even if I didn’t, I’d still want to ensure that my greatest providers on my farm were getting the healthiest options.

Thats just me though :-)

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