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Contact Me & Goat Care Basics

goat care basics

Goat a question about goat care basics?

I’m here to help you learn goat care basics and build the very best goat herd, naturally and holistically, for you!

So if you’ve got a question you just can’t see to find an answer to please reach out and I’ll try to help.

I can be reached at

More Ways to Learn About Dairy Goats

Be sure to check out my New Youtube channel and subscribe: HOLISTIC GOATS CHANNEL

And don’t forget my Holistic Goat Care articles here on the website. You can also grab my free Intro to Goats Dairy Bundle! Even if you don’t plan to milk, this is a very good bundle of resources to have because alot of basic goat care info applies to all goats.

If you want or have dairy goats, you’ll find this bundle beyond helpful. Go to my Free Resources page to sign up for it. You’ll get access to the How to Buy a Good Dairy Goat checklist, The Non-Toxic Dairy Goat Barn Workshop and a printable dairy goat journal to record important things like kidding dates, breeding info and milking record sheet.

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I only email out, The Holistic Goat Herder newsletter maybe once a month and never share your info with anyone. I email about goat health, when I upload new goat related videos or articles, happenings in my herd, tips that help me keep a healthy dairy goat herd naturally, products that help me with my herd!

You’ll receive 3 welcome emails from me, full of tips for your natural goat herd, when you sign up. Those emails will come once a week. After that, you’ll get on the regular monthly list.

This is all info any natural goat herder would want to know!