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Holistic Goats

What Holistic Goats is all about! (UNDER CONSTRUCTION!)

Holistic goats is all about raising goats naturally and organically. Addressing the whole goat for optimum health. If your goats aren’t healthy, their milk (and meat) won’t be either!

I had a farm dream since I was a teenager and goats were at the top of my list to have primarily for milk and homemade dairy products.

Though they have ended up being SO much more useful than I could have imagined.

They are more than just goats.. they are one of my most sustainable providers here on my farm. Deserving of the best care and respect.

I’ve always been a natural kinda girl, so I immediately dismissed the modern way of raising goats. No monthly chemical dewormers and antibiotics every time one sneezed or coughed.

But there was a HUGE learning curve to managing goats 100% organically. I had to make it about the whole goat… holistic goats! Any other way was unacceptable to me.

I am someone who has multiple autoimmune issues and when goats are fed non-organically or given chemicals, I can’t drink the milk without having a reaction.

I also had to get the right breed of goats for our needs. Believe me, I tried every dairy goat breed available back when I started. I’ve raised fiber goats and a few meat breeds too! The dairy breeds have my heart. They have proved to be most useful and the breed I raise the most successful for my goals.

I had to learn how to set myself and the right goats up for success. Yes, HUGE learning curves.

The goats have been nothing but blessings since I learned how to manage them holistically and settled on the right breed for us. Not the breed everyone else says you need on your homestead!

I’m here to help you manage a natural, holistic goat herd if that is your goal.

Holistic Goats and Basic Goat Care

I’m also here to provide you with basic goat care information. There are a lot of myths, misinformation and sometimes just lies that surround how to best care for goats.

holistic goats
Some of my goats browsing on weeds and wild herbs in our unimproved fields

Holistic Goat Resources

I provide free videos on my youtube channel (its just getting started! so please subscribe!)

Free Articles and DIY’s for goats here on my website.

Online: Workshops, Ebooks and consultations

In person: Hands on Classes here at my farm on Herbal Goat care, feeding organically, training a dairy to the milk stand and hands on how to milk class!

Monthly Email Full of Tips and Info! ALL THINGS GOAT! Sign up for the Holistic Goat Herder List below.

All About The Goats that I love because they provide us so much!

Meet My Goat Herd

This breed is not for everyone, but it is the perfect breed for me and my family!

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